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Editor’s Note:  This free billing manager is being discontinued by its company and will not be available effective from 1st October 2011

I am not (and I was never) good in writing accounts. I do not understand terms used by Chartered Accountants as terms used by them are difficult to remember. That is the reason – I was looking for a system where I can quickly generate, store, e-mail, print, share, get the revenue overview, manage my Invoices & Estimates.

There were many issues with offline installations. After trying & tiring, I shifted my focus from offline software to online, open source scripts! There were few minor issues for me with these too! For example: security of my server, database maintenance and, etc.

Then while on Google, I found out that there are ready to use billing managers available. I was lit up & began exploring one-by-one. After fairly a lot of fact findings & adding trial invoices with all those systems, I zeroed down to this Billing Manager.

Co-incidentally two days back one my friends who is a Photographer called me up asking, he was looking for an invoicing software. While I was narrating him the details I thought of sharing it with all of you here.

I won’t stick to this particular system for life, but certainly I am going use it until I can buy my own customized paid software.

I have explored it for about seven days now &  finding it very handy. It has some very exciting features, which are required by a basic user like me.

It seems like I am on to organize billing data in a better way, and stop worrying about hard disk crashes, etc.

I will quickly share key features now, which are a must-have for non accountant like me:)

1. Easy Interface with simple familiar terms to grasp
2. Nice customizations available with Indian currency
3. Auto computations for services & tax, etc.
4. Capability to print, e-mail & export as a pdf option.
5. Estimates can be adapted to invoices.
6. You can record a payment against invoice & same can be sent as a receipt.

Here are a few screen shots of Billing Manager.

If you’re really interested, then I have a suggestion.  You sign-up & test it yourself to see what all you can do with it. It works on low bandwidth & it can be accessed on an iPhone.

If you like it, let me know. If you don’t like it, then It’s not me who formulated this module.

And just in case you’re already using any such billing system, then do let me know. I would like to give it a try!

Link: Billing Manager

2 Comments April 7, 2010

Ya they are many sites like this,
but its nice site.

Tushar Tajane April 12, 2010

Yes, there are many sites. but this site gives a ‘complete’ feeling!