Google Doodle Presents Pacman

I wonder how many of you know Pacman. In my school days it used to be one of most addictive game and it is still the same. I have Pacman installed in my iPhone and I play it all the time. For all those who wants to go back to childhood, head over to Google homepage and start playing Pacman.

Pacman is today’s Google Doodle and you will also notice the game says Google in it’s style :


Notice the GOOGLE written in the form of Maze. Do let us know who think they are still addicted to Pacman?


swamykant May 21, 2010

I too love pacman .. it is very simple and addictive too

Harsh Agrawal May 22, 2010

I agree with u Mate…

Gourav Jain May 21, 2010

Yuppy !!! Enjoyed the pacman game version of Google……!!!

I would like to name it as Going Gaming …

Harsh Agrawal May 22, 2010

Ahh Nice nomenclature… Though enjoy this Game till the time it’s live..It’s not going to be live for ever… 🙂

jaganmangat May 21, 2010

lol,nice game man,childhood was amazing,i remember video game handsets with these type of games in it……. unforgettable

Gourav Jain May 22, 2010

Google has always surprised us with its wonderful doodles, may it be the pacman version or the Independence one.

It wouldn’t last forever on Google page but we can find it here on DevilsWorkshop as long as its alive !!

Thanks Harsh for writing the post. It would remain as memory with us.

Kunal May 22, 2010

Can we download game from google.So that even when it is unavailable on the web we can play it

Gourav Jain May 23, 2010

Re : Kunal

Sorry you cant do that. I have tried it to save by web-Grabber, Flash Downloader and all other process I know, but failed.

Perhaps a web developer can do that.

Aditya Kane May 23, 2010

Thanks Gourav, Even I was looking around for links to play Pacman offline. 😀

Gourav Jain May 24, 2010

Re : Aditya

You are welcome dude !!