Convert Google Doodle Pacman into multi-Player Game

We just informed you about today’s Google doodle Pacman. Now here is a quick tip shared by Himanshu on getting lady Pacman into this game.

Here is a quick post on converting your single player Pacman into Multi-player Pacman. You will be using keys ASDW to change directions.

To get started with multi-player Pacman, hit On INSERT COIN button twice.


Now you will see two Pacman. One Pacman can be handled by your lady love as picture seems to be of lady Pacman :).


Isn’t this tip cool ? Do let us know what do you think about this tip and are you playing Pacman on Google homepage?

One Comment

Simrandeep Singh May 21, 2010

I’m playing it with both the hands now in multi-player mode 😀