Beware! The Phishing Scam on Facebook is back!

Facebook users are being attacked yet again. Hackers launched their latest phishing drive yesterday and successfully gathered a number of passwords from different people from its 200 million user base. The site fought against a similar phishing scam a couple of weeks ago.

Hackers managed to break into the accounts of many Facebook members and sent emails to the user’s friends list recommending them to click on links to fake websites.

Windows 7 and the War of Software Piracy

With the release of Windows 7 RC, cyber-criminals have already started to monger it! There have been reports of illegitimate distributions of Windows 7 RC that have infected the user’s computers with malware. This could lead to potential identity theft, system failures and unrecoverable data loss. Not just that, it also costs the world economy more than 45 billion dollars annually.

Windows 7 has anti-piracy guards that show pop-up boxes to warn people when unauthorized copies of software are spied on computers.

Beware! Orkut Hackers Sending Fake eMails!

Beware all Orkut users! Now hackers are sending friend request emails that look similar to any genuine Orkut email. Below are screen shots of emails sent by hackers: At first, you might find similarities in both the emails, but on a closer observation, I found that all the links in that mail that came to […]

Does using a Wi-Fi increase the chances of you being hacked?

Today, I was at my dad’s office and interestingly the Wi-Fi locator on his notebook flashed a new network – ‘Hari Om’ it showed the holly network as unsecured! My curiosity got the better of me and I instantly double clicked and Wolla! It was connected with a signal strength of 80%. Although, I wasn’t […]

Can you spot “Phishing” attack? Simple test to check your safety!

Answer 5 simple question and get to know how safe you are from fishing attack. Phishing is rapidly growing attack whose sole purpose is to steal your login details like user name, passwords and in some cases your credit card numbers.

War Initiated between India & Pak in Cyber Space?

Recently after attacks in Mumbai there were hot discussions going on between India and Pakistan, and from sources it was revealed that Pakistani hackers defaced a lot of Indian websites, blogs and even Orkut communities. Also there were a lot of complains in Orkut Help Group regarding, hacking of a famous Orkut Community “Dr. APJ […]

Is Gmail security moved to labs?

Google has a tendency of launching new services with ‘labs’ tag on it which are unreliable and incomplete and may have some loopholes, bugs and security flaws. So, there would be a big question mark onto whether the Gmail security too moving towards labs? If you remember, earlier this month we mentioned how MakeUseOf domain […]

Domain hijacking menace is still on; flaws in Gmail?

Many of us are aware of the fact that the domain of a popular tech blog – makeuseof was being hacked just a couple of days ago. As per sources, the name of the domain owner ‘Aibek’, was impersonated to make a request to their domain provider (Godaddy) for transfer of the domain to another […]