Create Beautiful Retro and Vintage Effects in Seconds

There are many good online image editing online tools which allow ready-made effects to even micro-management of effects. Editing tools like Picnik are integrated into photos that are stored on Picasa. Pixlr – o – matic is an online photo editing tool from Pixlr, which has simpler feature and not as many confusing tweaks but […]

Simple Tool to Create Free HTML5 Slideshows of Images

In today’s world where attention spans are less and having your photos shown in a quick slide-show is better as some people might not want to look at all the photos without a preview of sorts. Slide-shows are a  great way to quickly present something on your blog website. With browsers adopting and encouraging the use […]

Apply 40 Filters to Your Photographs with Online Tool

If you take a lot of photographs you might be aware of filters that need to be applied to enhance the photos. You might want to use Picasa or even check out Picnik online image editor for applying filters to your photographs. I came across Rollip, which also does a great job and has up […]

3 Software to Download Wallpapers in Bulk

A good Wallpaper really brings freshness to a desktop, but the problem is it takes time to browse, select and download them. Don’t worry, there are few ways to download wallpapers in bulk. I want to share 3 software which do gets the job done. #1. Pulse Windows Vista/7 users can download Wallpapers in bulk […]

Free Online Tool to Convert PDF files to JPG Image

PDF files are good when you want to look up an article or even a chart. I have a few interesting pdf files with helpful and informative diagrams. Sometimes I want to covert these PDF files into an image format. I found pdf2jpg a useful online tool which converts a PDF file into JPG image […]