Get Photos from Multiple Users in a Single Photo Stream with Liveshare


When a party takes place, people take photos on their phones. Then they tend to upload all these photos on the web on Facebook or any other social network or image sharing service. This creates a disjointed stream of photos and it becomes very tedious to get them all in one place.

LiveShare a product by CoolIris, allows sharing images in single photo stream by multiple users.

LiveShare Features

  • Users need to register for an account or just sign up with their Facebook credentials. If you are sharing photos on Facebook to signing up with Facebook is a good idea.
  • Then we can create Private or Public streams. Private streams can be shared with others via email. Other can also stream photos they take of the same event in that particular stream.
  • This creates a live stream of photos of a particular event from multiple sources.
  • I used the browser version to test my account, but it does have an iPhone, Android and Window 7 Mobile apps that can make sharing  and viewing via smartphones very easy.

Here is a video presentation about Live Share and its features.

Try out LiveShare next time you are partying out with friends and do drop in your comments and views.

Link: LiveShare