Free Online Tool to Convert PDF files to JPG Image

PDF files are good when you want to look up an article or even a chart. I have a few interesting pdf files with helpful and informative diagrams. Sometimes I want to covert these PDF files into an image format.

I found pdf2jpg a useful online tool which converts a PDF file into JPG image file.


PDF2JPG Features

  • Just upload your PDF file and click convert to get image files.
  • Sometimes as JPG images can take some time if the PDF file is large. In this case there is the option of leaving a email alert which sends an email when the conversion is complete.
  • Unfortunately the only drawback was that it can only manage pdf files which upto the size of 10 MB. This usually should not be a problem in most cases but PDFs with images usually are quite large-sized files.

This is a great tool to manage PDF files along with some others that allow converting a URL to PDF and also convert PDF files to Doc, HTML and Txt format with free online tools.

Also if you are looking to search for PDF files online, then these 5 search tools will be quite helpful.

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Vikas February 7, 2012

Knowledgeful thing. Especially liked the feature of email alert. The size however is very small because 10 MB is nothing especailly when images are also included.

Aditya Kane February 7, 2012

Yes the 10 MB limit is restrictive. Maybe it should have been 50MB. 🙂 But maybe the limit is 10 MB so that not too many copyrighted images can be reproduced in one go.