Instant search for videos and add them to a list

Instant Search for videos from YouTube and add them to a list which can be shared across social networks with a short url. This service is called Play and List.

Who does not like going online for watching some of our favorite videos. One of my favorite pastimes is to play a host of videos on YouTube one after another. I usually take a little too much time to search for good videos I want to play and compile a list on YouTube. This is where Play and List is a really neat tool.

This service is a spin-off of YouTube instant, a search engine that searched and played videos instantly without you needed to type in the entire query. It was based on Google instant search.

Features of Play and List

  • As I typed in the search query a list of videos popped up. One video started to play.
  • Every result is quickly shown in a video thumbnail format and it has a green plus sign.
  • Clicking on the plus sign, gets that video added to a list.
  • I could also share these lists with a tiny URL across various social networks.

I think this tool will be quite useful to quickly search for some video like tutorials and then add related videos or follow-up tutorials in a list. I really find some of these spin-off services very useful. In certain situations such tools can be hugely useful. What do you think? Do drop in your views on Play and List through your comments.

Link: Play and List


Rahul @ MazaKaro October 17, 2010

aa yesss i do that most of the time , it is great when you start typing something or writing an email while listening to your best music then take a look from time to time , i love this option; very useful !!!!! thank You

Amandeep Singh October 17, 2010

This is really an awesome adaption of the Youtube Instant. Sometimes, it really gets irritating to keep on clicking play 😉

Pranay airan October 19, 2010

Cool addon to the youtube instant, i had created a similar stuff for flickr you can search images from flickr instantly see the working

suggestions are welcome