Backup your Instagram Photos to Your Computer

Instagram has been a hot topic over the last couple of weeks. First added a lot more fans by becoming available on Android. That part was followed up by Facebook acquiring Instagram.

Not all fans of Instagram are happy about Facebook acquiring the company as they fear that Facebook will kill Instagrams independence and turn it into just a feature.

There are a couple of quick ways to backup your Instagram photos on your computer.

#1. Instaport

Visit and use your Instagram login credentials to authorize the app. Once we are done with the authorization the site shows a page which allows us to download photos in a .zip file.

The advanced options allow users to download all your photos, photos from a specific time frame and even all the photos you liked from other users. It also allows downloading upto 100 Instagram photos from a particular tag.

Link: Instaport

#2. Instagram to Dropbox

My favourite backup application is Dropbox. It works great with other websites and I use it to backup my Facebook photos automatically on my computer.

I like using this iftttt recipe that automatically backups my Instagram photos to my Dropbox account.

Link: Instagram to Dropbox

I personally like using the second option because it works automatically and behind the scenes but for more features using Instaport is great too.

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