Use yahoo messenger without even downloading Y! Messenger

Yahoo Messenger, one of the most popular messenger for ‘Instant Messaging’ worldwide. But the main reason why people are not able to chat everytime on Y! messenger is that they have to download the whole software and install it which is not possible all the time specially when you are using internet from a cyber cafe, you friend’s laptop or your college’s Internet lab.

Most of the people uses Meebo as an alternative which is obviously a good option. But there’s one more official way of chatting with your Yahoo messenger friends without even downloading anything. It’s “Yahoo! Messenger for the web” which is currently in it’s beta stage. All you need is to type,

in your address bar and you are all set to chat with your buddies. Simple isn’t it?

Home Screen:



  • Option of “invisible” while chatting or Login
  • Access your all saved IM history
  • Light weight page, hardly takes few seconds to load
  • Access from anywhere you want, from all browsers(check the minimum requirements below)
  • Set your status as “Busy” “Not at my Desk” e.t.c or even a custom message of yours.

System Requirements:

Internet Explorer 6.0 or later, Mozilla Firefox,Safari, Opera.

Flash 9.0 or higher.

LINKS:Yahoo! Messenger for the web,


84productions September 28, 2009

Meebo is one of my favorite service. it has yahoo, gmail… and gives a lot more functions…

one thing more plz put http before


venkat September 28, 2009

Never used Yahoo messenger for web in the past I am more using Gmail than Yahoo.

sauravjit September 28, 2009

that http is just for the hyperlink,
while writing this address in your address bar you don’t need to add http, this is to make the link as simple as possible.
Even I like meebo more but it’s better to use this if you only wants to use Y! IM. 😉

84productions September 28, 2009

I meant to say

<a href="”>

sauravjit September 28, 2009

Yups, corrected
Thanks 🙂

84productions September 28, 2009

you’re welcome 🙂

Sajitha September 28, 2009

Forget to mention Chat with friends within yahoo mail!

sauravjit September 28, 2009

Yeah even that’s a good alternative but don’t you think this method is better and fastest, you just have to write in your address bar 🙂

dinesh November 7, 2012

its not working….. any other option…..