Check if you can trust a website before you click on its link with WOT

As a blogger who writes about Tech, I end up visiting a lot of websites which might or might not be safe. How do I come across these website? Usually I come across them by doing some research, thanks to Google our friendly search engine. To make sure I do not click on a link […]

Free PDF Converter: Convert your Word and Excel files to PDF

Working with files is always tedious and it is a little disconcerting to not be able to convert your Word Documents or Excel sheets into PDF format. Obviously most people love PDF documents when it comes to reading data rather than handling it. Free PDF convert is one such service which allows your to convert […]

Microsoft finally takes browsers seriously with Internet Explorer 9

Last year Microsoft launched its browser Internet Explorer 8; it received more brickbats than flowers. Let us face it, it did not consolidate Internet Explorer’s browser market share and not did perform better than the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome. Now Internet Explorer 9 is out and will have some interesting innovations and I […]

Google Dropping Support for Internet Explorer 6.0

Before going into some of the pros and cons of if Internet Explorer 6 is a defunct browser here are some statistics regarding its market share. 20.99% of internet users use IE6 while IE8 the latest version is used by 20.86% of internet users. This basically means out of every 5 internet users 1 of […]

Bring IE into your Chrome browser

A couple of months ago you might have read about how Google decided to make Internet Explorer better by injecting Chrome into it.  All you had to do was install Chrome frame and Internet Explorer would be faster especially while viewing HTML5. Now here is a new twist to it.Google through an extension allows us […]

Repair Internet Explorer with IE Utility

A couple of days ago I came across a great software to fix the Internet Explorer browser. I did not have the opportunity to test it until yesterday when a friend had his IE browser crashing. It is called IE Utility which fixes the Internet Explorer browser by re-registering 89 .dll and .ocx files. IE Utility All […]

Is Internet Explorer’s fate tied to Windows7?

Over the past few months if you are following news about how Internet Explorer’s market share has been falling consistently to such an extent that some experts believe that the market share which is almost two-thirds will fall below half in the next 2 years. I want to share some trends and why I think Internet […]

Browser Wars: Internet Explorer’s pie shrinks.

With the release of Chrome 3.0 and the  Chrome Frame controversy I was waiting quite eagerly to see its impact on the browser market share of Chrome and Internet Explorer in September. Internet Explorer has a market share of 65.71% but it had 66.97% share when the month began. That means Internet Explorer has lost […]

How To Set Yahoo Mail/Gmail As Default Email Client In Internet Explorer

In my last post I told you about how to set default email client in Firefox. But if you are using Internet Explorer here is a step by step tutorial to change the default email client. First open Internet Explorer At the top, click on Tools >> Internet Options. Select the Programs tab. Under E-mail […]