An Acid test with Chrome, IE9 and Firefox 4

I have heard a lot about Internet Explorer 9 beta as a browser which Microsoft has finally got right. On the other hand I have always been using Firefox and then later on Chrome. When it comes to surfing on websites where I do not need to use Firefox Add-ons I prefer to used Chrome. The main reason being, Chrome is super fast and I hardly have any issues with it.

I decided to test the new browser versions against the currently stable Chrome with the Acid 3 test.

Old browsers and safety [Thank Devil it’s Sunday]

We all know old browsers like IE6 , Firefox 2, Google Chrome 3 and their older versions are just hazardous. By using them, you risk your online data, or even risk yourself; your privacy and everything you do on the internet. One of the ‘riskiest’ place is social-networking sites. Not all social-networking are bad and […]