How To Create Wallpaper Using iTunes

Recently, I was using iTunes and I came across a trick to create wallpapers through it. By this trick you can create any wallpaper of your choice.

1.Open iTunes.Play any song.
2.Press Ctrl+T to turn the visualizer On.
3.Now pause the song you are playing.
4.Now,press Ctrl+F to switch to full screen mode.
5.Wait for the background you like.Press Prnt Screen from your keyboard.

6.Again press Ctrl+T to turn the visualizer Off.
7.Now go to Paint located in Programs->Accessories->Paint(Open the Run Command.Type mspaint).
8.Paste the image (Keyboard shortcut Ctrl+V).

9.Save the image in the desired folder (Ctrl+S).

10.You are done creating your own wallpaper.

These are some of my wallpapers.

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One Comment

patrick smith March 2, 2011

1 space bar = pause
2 space bar`s = change of pattern