Facebook launches two new security feature for “Facebook Mobile”

“Facebook”- a website that takes user privacy seriously just launched two new features for those who uses Facebook from mobile. Well not the Facebook applications like “Facebook for Blackberry” and “Facebook for iPhone” but for those who uses m.facebook.com. These features are, “Mobile Social Reporting” and “Mobile Password Reset” Let’s have a look at them.

1. Mobile Social Reporting:

Social Reporting is a feature by which you can directly report something on Facebook that you don’t like and tell the person who uploaded that to remove it. This is a nice feature but people hardly takes the stuff down mostly because they do not know the person who’s reporting personally. Facebook is now testing this feature on m.facebook.com and will be available to all the profiles soon.

2. Mobile Password Reset:

Earlier if you weren’t able to login to your Facebook profile, you had to login to your Facebook profile from a PC and reset your password. But now you can reset your password straight from your phone using it’s browser. In case somebody hacked your profile or you forgot your password you can reset it using your mobile phone by entering either your e-mail or phone number or your Facebook username. Soon this feature will also be launched for all the Facebook profiles as well.

But these feature’s are not going to make any major difference in user experience. Reporting stuff hardly works on Facebook and very few people tries to reset their password from phone, first they always check from a PC that why can’t they login to their profile. 😛

Image credits: Facebook Inc.