Airtel’s new slashed 3G tariffs [Official Data Plans]

The news of new slashed tariffs of Airtel’s 3G data plans is in the headlines from past few days, but now we have the official data on their website. Since India’s top mobile phone service provider company Bharti Airtel started rolling out their 4G services, they decided to slash their 3G data plan tariffs in […]

The Real Android Phone before iPhone was Released

Last year while reading Steve Jobs official biography by Walter Isaacson, I came across the real angst that Apple had against Google regarding Android. Apprently, Steve Jobs felt that Android had ripped off Apple’s iPhone device. It is also a well known fact that the Android OS, underwent a transformation for sorts after the iPhone […]

Samsung Tweets Galaxy Nexus Will Not be Released in India!

When Google introduced the Galaxy Nexus which was the first phone with Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), most experts thought that it would be only a matter of time before it was released in India. Google even showed a landing page for registering for the Galaxy Nexus for India. Samsung India has decided that they are […]

Share Highlighted Text and Links as SMS from your Browser!

Sometimes when I am searching for a particular address online, I like saving it as a text message on my mobile phone. This is quite useful to refer back to it, while searching for that particular place in a cab or foot. Textme is one such web service which allows users to send selected text […]

8 Stars of Samsung’s Growing Galaxy in 2012!

Samsung has made great strides in the smartphone segment in the past few years all thanks to their much hyped and appreciated Galaxy Range of smartphones. Samsung has recorded massive sales in Q1, 2012, to the tune of 60M smartphones, most significant part of the sales being from the Samsung Galaxy Note, S2 and Y. […]

Instagram is now Available for Android Phones!

I have always found that iPhone users tend to take great photos from their phones. The reason was not necessarily a great camera but the fact that they had a awesome app called Instagram. Instagram allows users to share photos online from their phones. But before publishing Instagram allows users to apply several filters on […]

[Infographic] How Mobile Apps Compare: Android vs iOS

Increasingly the fight for who controls smart-phones the world over, has become iOS (Apple) vs. Android (Google). This is because more than specifications of a phone, apps have become more important. Apps make mobiles phones more personal and people tend to not migrate from one platform to another if they are hooked on to apps […]