YouTube Improves Stabilization Features for Videos Shot with Mobile Cameras!

Home videos are a lot of fun and in recent years, thanks to YouTube everyone uploads a few that can be shared with your friends and family living in distant places.

Unfortunately not everyone is an expert with a camera and hence a lot of home videos end up being shaky with distortions.

YouTube itself has a nice tool to stabilize shaky videos automatically. Unfortunately these did not work as well with videos shot with a mobile phones. Mobile phone cameras have an electronic rolling camera shutter which ends up distorting the image especially if the camera is moved.

According to Google’s Research Blog, videos shot on mobile phones will be automatically compensated for rolling shutter distortions.

Use YouTube Editor to Stabilize your Videos

  • Access your videos on YouTube Editor and select the video you want to stabilize.
  • YouTube will automatically stabilize any shaky videos and also work wonders with videos shot with mobile phones.

Check this demo from YouTube on how well video stabilization works.

Video Before Stabilization:

Video After Stabilization:

Seeing how well YouTube stabilizes videos, it might be a good idea to upload all those shaky mobile home videos and stabilize them. In case you are uploading your personal videos it might be a good idea to not make them public and share them only via a URL.

What are your views on YouTube’s stabilization features? Do drop in your comments.