ReadTwit: Follow Twitter with RSS

It has been a couple of months since I really started using Twitter regularly and hence the number of people and organizations I follow have gone up dramatically. Sometimes it is quite difficult to stay up to date with all the links that are sent out by people and in the process might lose out […]

Easy tricks to make your Blog/Website look professional

These are the best | few | easy tricks to make your wordpress blog/website ‘tough’! Note: Many of the tricks below can be used on any website(marked by * | Non-wordpress as well as WordPress hosted websites) Redirection with * CO.CC as you might already know, is a free domain(actually sub-domain) registration service. Some of […]

Facebook’s NewsFeed RSS removed due to security issues

Here’s a quick update for all Facebook users. Facebook has shut down its RSS NewsFeed application. They had recently launched a new application that converted their News feed into RSS feed that could be subscribed to and accessed outside of Facebook. But apparently, it violated Facebook’s privacy controls, and now it’s gone.

Find RSS Feeds of your Interest using SuggestRSS!

Recently I was pondering around the web about getting some interesting RSS Feeds that I can subscribe to as I had more time to spend, reading RSS Feeds these days. 😉 But what should I search for? As I am a tech geek, almost 80% of my subscribed feeds are related to tech stuff and […]

FeedBurner made all Blogs Equal!

Months ago Google acquired FeedBurner, a service used for managing RSS Feeds of websites, by spending around $100 Million. Though Google have acquired it, things didn’t get better and still complains about this feed burning solution is in. Recently when I visited the famous Gmail blog, my eyes could not believe the number of feed […]

Check-out Google Blog Directory!

If you follow some famous Google blogs like Official Google Blog, Gmail, Adsense or Orkut Blog, you will love to checkout Google Blog Directory! Google Blog Directory is a single place for listing all official blogs run by Googlers. They are sorted in five categories viz. Google-wide, Products, Ads, Developer and Region. Each category list […]