5 Reasons Why a Blogger Should Subscribe to Other Blogs

Bloggers often forget to subscribe to their own feed and email updated. here are 5 reasons why any one should subscribe to their blog feed and email updates. If you have not subscribe to your Blog feeds, you should know this 5 reasons and subscribe to your blog updates now.

Track Google Buzz updates with Chrome extensions or with RSS feeds

Buzz is a decent service, nothing fantastic but it is not bad either. I personally think it will be might just be that balance between Facebook and Twitter but really things will unfold more only in time. At the moment if you do not like Gmail Buzz you can certainly turn it off or even stop the updates from coming into your Inbox.

Create RSS feeds for any website with Google Reader [Video]

I like reading blogs and following them. I do not usually visit the website unless I want to comment on a article. Hence I use Google Reader to keep track of all my favorite must read blogs. There are some web pages which do update but unfortunately there is no RSS feed for you to keep track […]

Integrate AdSense In Your Blog’s RSS feed

Google Adsense is a service which almost every blogger on the earth uses. For some it’s the primary source of income. With Google Adsnese, bloggers earn money by placing Google Ads on their blogs/website. Whenever users click them, the blog owner gets paid by Google. Adsense is one of the best revenue generating program for […]

How to subscribe to a blog with just a single click? [Chrome]

This is one is for Chrome enthusiasts who also like to subscribe to various blogs. I love to read and hence I end up subscribing to a lot of different blogs. They can range from tech to history. I use Google Reader as I can easily share what I liked through Twitter and Facebook. But […]

Feed Sweep: Create widgets for showing feeds on website

When designing a website or a blog, you might need to show some feeds from another website. This is quite relevant if you have two blogs and want to show feeds from one to the other. Feed Sweep is a website which allows the user to register and create customized widgets for showing feeds from […]

Convert Twitter Lists into RSS feeds

More than a month ago, I wrote a post about how you can look up links sent on your Twitter account using ReadTwit with Google Reader. Today I want to share with you about how to convert Twitter Lists into RSS feeds. It will make life a lot easier by allowing you to access webpages with links posted on Twitter.

I think following a Twitter List in RSS is a lot more helpful than having all links show up. This way I can narrow down the information coming in especially if you are following 100s of accounts.

Twitter testing a new feature called Twitter List.

Twitter is simple, uncomplicated and so easy to use, that first time users usually ask themselves if this is all there is to it! Now Twitter is adding features. Twitter just announced on its blog that they are testing a new feature called ‘List’ with a small group of users. Credits: Twitter Blog Lists on […]