Translate your search query in Google

Google Search has inducted another feature which gives the user the option to translate the keyword which is being searched into another language. If you just type in the query and hit search while on, you will obviously get a list of results. Click on Show Options. Check within More Options which shows up on […]

Google goes in for the minimalist look

After weeks of calibration and testing, Google has finally settled for the minimalist look on their homepage. What it does is, when you load the page you just see the Google logo, the search box, Google search and I’m Feeling Lucky button and the language options (if any). Now if you just move your mouse a little, BINGO, the usual google interface fades in.

Is Bing paying News Corp to delist websites from Google?

Bing has signed a deal with News Corp which gives them access to their content. It should not be really all that important except that News Corp only a few weeks ago had sent out feelers that they were about to de-list their websites from Google Search. This will probably start another round of the […]

“Everything” helps you Search Everything on Windows PC!

Just like Flashnote, “Everything” is another must have windows utility that can help you easily locate any files or folders in your windows PC on real time basis. All you need to do is install Everything and put the initials of the file name you want to search and all the files will be listed […]