JustDial: Call in your search query

Most people who use search engines often use it for looking up local information. Google Search is quite handy to look up phone numbers for restaurants, hospitals and other important details you might require.


But what if I did not have access to the internet. Well I can always call up a friend and request him to search for an address or phone number. A few days ago I needed to find some phone numbers to all the hospitals in the locality I live in. I called this service JustDial and got all the information I needed. They sent me the address via email and also sent me the address and contact numbers through SMS. This was quite handy to look up locally listed businesses or services on the go.

Just Dial on Internet

  • Using Just Dial website I could look up all the hospitals in my locality. It apparently covers over 250 cities in India and is probably the best way to search for local information in India.
  • You can order flowers to someone, check out places of interest like restaurants and hotels by specifying the locality in which you are searching within the city, so that narrows down your search results. For instance I looked up hospitals only in my locality and not the whole city.
  • There are many other specialized local listings, like a section on movies which allows you to select a movie and location you are in. It shows up a list of theaters the movie might be playing in.


Just Dial on Phone

  • As I wrote before you do not need to be online to use JustDial. All you have to do is call Just Dial which is a local call from any city in India where the service is available.
  • Their number is 6999 9999 and someone on the other end of the call does the searching for you. Then you can give your mobile number and ask for the relevant details to be sent through a text message.

I have used this service a few times, it is a great help during emergencies. Not everyone has internet access over a cell phone. People who are not really into using internet website can also use this service with a simple call from any land-line. 🙂

So what do you think? Is it the best local search engine for India as they claim. I definitely think their boast is accurate.


Akshay Kakkar November 13, 2009

JustDial other number is 22222222 . Its good service!

Abhijit November 13, 2009

The SMS feature does not work always … However, a very good service….

p@r@noid November 14, 2009

Its one of my hot dial number. I love this service, since they are very quick in responding.