The Most Dangerous Keywords Searched Online

McAfee recently released a report on The Web’s Most Dangerous Search Terms. The report describes how cybercriminals are making the most of the popular search terms online, and entice searchers to download files carrying malicious software, as a result, exposing their personal and financial data. The reports also indicate that with the economic slowdown, malicious […]

Navify: More than just a simple Wikipedia search

Here’s your chance to get the most out of Wikipedia. With Navify, a new online service, you could enjoy Wikipedia with images, videos and comments! Navify is a visual encyclopedia that provides an interface for viewing not only Wikipedia articles, but also helps in viewing related media that goes with them. It is built on […]

Use Google For Direct Downloads Instead Of Torrents

Torrents are fun. Downloading from swarms however has a negative side. The download speed may be capped, there are port forwarding issues. Upload is mandatory and you may not have a good seeders to peers ratio. Using (a take on P2P – stands for Google-to-peer) allows you to search the web (via Google) for […]

Search Historic Images using Google Life Photo Archives! [New Feature]

Recently Google revamped the looks and features of its Image Search Engine, by introducing, photo search option. But this evening, when I landed onto Google Image search, I found Google featuring another new feature – Life Photo Archive which claims to search the best images having historic importance, doesn’t matter how old the face/image is. […]

Google Showing AdSense Ads in Image Search Results Permanently!

Sometime back I came across few stories suggesting Google displaying AdSense ads in their popular image search results. Many bloggers captured screenshots of AdSense ads being served in Google Image search results last year. Even I saw AdSense ads sometimes back but today almost every image search I made displayed AdSense ads. Another thing I […]

Now Easily Search Your Friends On Orkut!

Actually this is not technically a new feature Orkut has introduced, but this recent small change will make an old feature more usable for sure. As you can see below, there is a new search box on your Orkut Homepage now called search friends in addition to old search orkut… Now lets do a quick […]