The shortest URL shortener

unu DWURL shortners are nowadays a necessity for bloggers and website owners because it makes our links convenient to post on twitter, Facebook e.t.c. Also there’s a word limit (140 characters) on the most popular micro blogging website  twitter. So obviously we need a URL shortener in which we can easily convert our links and that should be short too. We have lots of options for that like tinyurl, but why don’t you use the world’s shortest URL shortener?

So the world’s shortest URL shortner is . Just open the URL shortener , type your link in the box given on that page and hit enter. Copy the newly generated link and post it wherever you want.

For example:




Prashanth October 1, 2009

There’s one more: 🙂

And I use my own

Richie S October 1, 2009

Dude this was included as the very first option in the post 7 Shortest URL Shorteners []

sauravjit October 1, 2009

@Richie S
Actually I wrote this post about a Japanese URL shortener which is actually the world’s shortest URL shortener but when I previewed my post, all the Japanese characters got translated into a question mark ‘?’ So I googled about the world’s shortest URL shortener and replaced this one with the previous one.