PrevURL: Preview Shortened URLs as Thumbnail

Recently, there has been a noticeable increase in spam advertising, phishing attacks on twitter. People fall into these attacks without knowing what is the destination URL when they click on twitter or any social websites.

Most people who engage in phishing scam hide their links inside a shortened URL and spread them on social websites. How to avoid them or how to know what is the link which is masked behind the shortened URL ?

PrevURL is a simple web service which is used for previewing URLs. You may preview normal URLs like or shortened URLs like

Just enter your Shortened URL, know the exact full length URL and Preview the webpage as thumbnail view.

If you have a shortened URL like this, You can preview that URL and determine its original URL just by adding the short URL to

To come up with this This webservice uses, and One of the best online tool that you should have in your bookmarks bar.

Link: PrevURL

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Siddhu March 17, 2010

Nice.. Will be helpful for checking multiple links…