LG’s G-Slate: Do we have the iPad killer? [Video]

Until about a year ago when you thought of the words “Tablet Computer” we immediately thought of obscure tablet models from HP. Today when someone talks about a tablet device, we think only about Apple’s iPad. Such is the power of Apple as a brand. It usually has complete domination over their niche. The tablet […]

Adam Tablet to be Released by Christmas

The Pro-Devil Aditya Kane had written an article about the Notion Ink Adam in Feb 2010 and since then the ‘Desi’ tablet has come a long way. The Notion Ink Adam was slated for release in April 2010, which then got delayed to August and finally to November, and yet the huge community of Adam-lovers has […]

India makes $35 tablet computer

Lately the computer industry in India has been quite interesting. Today the HRD Ministry unveiled a tablet computer which will cost $35. This ridiculously low priced tablet computer will was introduced to the media by Kapil Sibal the HRD Minister. Image Credits: CNN-IBN It was created by IISc Bangalore, IIT Bombay, IIT Kanpur, IIT Kharagpur […]