Microsoft Tags Chrome as ‘Malware’: Honest Mistake or Playing Dirty?

I like using Microsoft Security Essentials – mainly because it is a good enough anti-virus and added incentive is that it is free. Recently, Microsoft Security Essentials had started ‘mistakenly’ identifying Google Chrome as ‘Malware’. This meant some users with Microsoft Security Essentials, got a rude shock with their Chrome browser being removed. Did Microsoft […]

[Rumour] Yahoo Up For Sale After Firing Their CEO!

The Yahoo Empire might have crashed or shrunk from $100 Billion to $20 Billion. Somewhere the board of directors for Yahoo, have woken up to this fact and decided to fire their CEO Carol Bartz. Carol Bartz confirmed being fired via a short message to all Yahoo employees. To all, I am very sad to […]

[iGone] Amul’s Take on Steve Jobs Leaving Apple as CEO

Amul has built up a interesting advertising campaign over the years by introducing a humorous take on current events. These issues ranged from politics to sports and even the economy. The latest Advertisement from Amul, comments on Steve Jobs leaving Apple as CEO. Image Credit The image shows a half eaten Apple with the word’s […]

[Survey] Top 10 Android Apps Hog 43% of Time Spent in Apps

Let me first start by a disclaimer. I do not own an Android phone, and hence have no real experience with Android Apps. But I have friends who swear by their Android phones and the App marketplace for Android. I guess Android being open-sourced, has a big developer community around it. Over 250,000 Android Apps […]