Get Real-Time Tweets with Google Search Results

When Google Realtime was launched, it would show a lot of results from Twitter. It showed Twitter’s awesome dominance on almost all events which were important to be followed in realtime. Then things between Google and Twitter went sour and Google had no longer access to all data from Twitter. I use Chrome and HashPlug […]

Obama Victory Underlines Why Google+ is a Dead Place

A social network is a bit like a virtual party. People interact and discuss things mainly around current events. That is why Live sporting events like the Olympics are followed very actively on social media websites. Today, when the US President Barack Obama got re-elected, he (probably his campaign team) showed exactly why Facebook and […]

Twitter releases a rich look for Profile pages

While Facebook’s Timeline interface got a lot of criticism, the cover photo feature was pretty cool and Google+ grabbed it with the new design. Now, after Google+, here comes Twitter mimicking the feature. Twitter calls it as ‘header photo’, to get yourself one, go to the Design tab of Twitter settings, scroll down to header section […]

Twitter is Systematically Killing 3rd Party Apps

Twitter has removed the mention of clients from Tweets. You might have noticed while reading an individual tweet, it was easy to note which client was used to send that particular tweet. This was a great way for Twitter users to find and adopt new Twitter mobile apps and desktop clients. This latest move confirms […]

Automatically Import Your Links from Facebook and Twitter to Delicious

I like to share a lot of link to interesting articles, images and more on my Facebook and Twitter profiles. Delicious has introduced a new feature which allows users to import links from Facebook and Twitter to Delicious account. Import Links from Facebook and Twitter to Delicious Log into your Delicious account. Now click on […]

Create RSS Feeds of your Favorited Tweets!

Twitter seems to be a continous stream of information and it is rather difficult to keep track of some important tweets that you liked or would like to get back to at a later time. One way to keep track of an important tweet is to favorite it. This way you can get back to […]

5 Reasons Twitter Will Outlast Social Networks

When Google+ was introduced to the world, it caused a lot of excitement. Tech blogs went into overdrive about the supposed Facebook killer. Over time there is a lot of debate on Google+ failing because it has not managed to really dent Facebook. There are many people who are not too happy about Facebook either. […]