Create and Share Online Polls Directly on Twitter – Twoll

Twitter is a great place for asking questions and getting answers in real-time. is a handy web app that helps creating online polls with Twitter. Running a poll on Twitter means sending out a link and hoping your followers will take the trouble of opening the link and then voting. People really do not like visiting a web poll from Twitter, mainly because many of them are on a mobile phone.

Twoll resolves this issue by allowing the clicking of a particular URL to register a vote.

Twitter Polls

How it works:

  • Simply visit and use Twitter credentials to authorize the app from your Twitter account.
  • Now create a poll and add a question. Add options and a preview of the poll is created.
  • Tweet out the poll and it shows up with links that can be clicked.
  • Users can close the poll after after a while and can check the percentage of votes for the options provided.

Here is an example of a poll I created on Twoll.

A pro account version is expected soon and I think that will show more details on how many people are actually voting.

Do try out Twoll and let me know your views on it in your comments.

Link: Twoll


Falcon Pro gets updated to version 2.0 with Multi-user support and Pure Black theme

Twitter has lately improved its mobile apps a lot. The Android app has been completely redesigned and looks much better now. Nevertheless, the app ecosystem is what makes Twitter fun for me, especially on Mobile.

For starters, Falcon Pro is a very popular twitter client for Android. It became immensely popular after releasing in the previous year – for its design, tablet support and more.

Because of its popularity, it reached Twitter’s token limit soon, but the app developer got away by resetting tokens and making the app available for download again.

The app is now due for a 2.0 beta update (not stable yet), and here’s what’s new. Read on.

Falcon Pro beta

Multi-User Support

Probably one of the most requested features, it’s now baked into the app. I don’t myself maintain multiple twitter accounts, but I can see that many people maintain their business/company’s Twitter account along with their personal Twitter account.


Switching accounts is easy – you’ll see a spinner in the left sidebar, showing you a list of available accounts.


A small downside to this implementation is that, you can no longer go to your profile page by tapping on your user account.

Pure Black theme

Falcon Pro ships with a grey theme by default which looks pretty dark. In the 2.0 version, the developer has added a pure black theme. As expected, the theme looks really great on AMOLED screens (I tried it on a Galaxy Nexus).

The obvious advantage is long lasting battery life – especially if you’re a Twitter addict, with the app open all the time.

Apart from these two major changes, there are small tidbits like inline previews for Vine posts (though it is half baked right now), the UI is a lot flatter (with bezels removed). The app also uses a new transition when you move to Tweet details page.


Try the beta right now

Here’s a good news: If you can’t wait for the app update to roll out, you can grab the beta and start using it right now.

To do that, first join the Google+ community for Falcon Pro beta testers. Make sure you use the same Google account as the one you use for downloading apps from Play store. Next, get access to the beta version of app.

You’ll then be able to download the updated, aka beta version of Falcon Pro. You of course need to have Falcon Pro pre-installed on your phone to trigger the beta update.

Do you use third party clients for using Twitter? If so, write them in the comments!

Update: The app is now available on Play store. The updated version also has a swipe to switch tabs feature which is really handy.


Twitter launches Vine App for Android: Create and share 6 second videos

After nearly six months, the much widely used and loved short videos making app Vine is now available on Android. With Vine for Android, you can make short videos lasting just for 6 seconds. These short, looping videos are really interesting. Launched in January 2013, Vine now has over 13 million users. That’s just on the iOS platform, huge figure right? Now that it is available on Android too, this figure is sure to multiply to a big one very soon.


This app is simple to use. With a continuous tap on the screen with your finger, you can record the 6 seconds clip with ease, and then share on Twitter. Sharing to Facebook will be brought soon.

This newly released Android looks a lot like its iOS counterpart. The Vine for Android app displays four tabs by default. The Feed section displays the list of short videos made by those whom you follow. The Activity shows notifications. The Explore tab brings you to some of those popular videos on the Vine database. The Profile section lets you to review your previously made short videos.


There is something that you would like to keep in mind though. The Android and iOS versions of Vine won’t be the same. Twitter claims that both the versions are different from each other and will continue to be so. As of now, Vine for Android has one exclusive feature which is zoom.

The features like shooting with front facing camera, search, mentions and hastags are available only in the iOS version of Vine for now. They’ll be brought to Android soon, says Twitter.


Link: Vine on Google Play

What Vine Means to Us

For many Vine might sound pretty much like Instagram expect that the former deals with videos. If you remember well, Instagram was first bought by Facebook in April ’12. Later, Twitter brought its own image filters and a took a straight punch at Instagram. Instagram Twitter cards are no longer shown on Twitter official site or TweetDeck.

To make things much more interesting, Twitter decided to bring this new service called Vine. This service aims to take down Instagram by letting people deal with short videos, bringing their life to motion.

Will Vine be Really Successful in the Android Ecosystem?


While Vine is a hit in the iOS ecosystem, it is a new comer to Android. Will this be successful on the Android world? I personally think that Vine for Android will be really successful in this Android world.

At least the Indian Android users will love this service. Android being the giant in India, most of the Indians will be ready to shoot interesting short videos of their beautiful country. So, as said earlier in the post, the number of Vine users is sure to take a big step from the 13 million users count.

What’s your thought on Vine? Are you one of those who waited too long to get this amazing tool on your Android device? Do share your thoughts with us. Also let your Android friends know about this new Android app.


Twitter updates its iPhone and Android apps with new Tweet composer

Twitter has just sent a minor update to both its iPhone and Android apps showcasing a new Tweet composer.

Twitter for iPhone

They have simplified the process of composing a tweet. For example, in the iPhone app, you just get three options – attach location, take a photo or choose a photo. You then get to choose filters for your photos and you’re done.

On iPhone, the Twitter app is much wider now, taking up full space. That can be a considerable improvement for readability. Also, the app notifies you when a friend of you joins Twitter (which is confirmed by checking contacts in your E-mail, I guess).

Notifications on Twitter for Android

On the other hand, Twitter for Android now takes full advantage of Android’s powerful notifications system and groups multiple notifications into one. You get to see user’s display picture in the notification itself and they are expandable too.

The folks at Twitter even made a vine post showing off how you can tweet in less than six seconds using the new mobile apps.

Both the app updates are available now. Go, update, and enjoy.

Link: Twitter for iPhone | for Android


Enable Two- Step Authentication for Twitter

Twitter_new_logo.pngToday, Twitter has rolled out an update that allows users to add a phone number to the account. The idea is simple. Every time a users signs-in there is added code that is asked. That code is sent to users via a text message.

So even if someone manages to guess a password, they would not be able to get the verification code from the users phone.

How to activate Twitter’s two-step authentication feature

  • Visit your Twitter profile on the browser and sign-in. Now on the right-hand corner you will see a gear shaped symbol.
  • Hover over it and it shows you the options to look up settings. Under Settings >> Account users can see a new option to titled Account Security.


  • We can add a phone number and also select the option to turn-on two step verification.

Here is a nice video demo by Twitter to help their users out

With this step Twitter joins Google and Dropbox in offering two-step verification for better security.

Do drop in your comments.


Create RSS Feeds from Twitter Accounts

Since Google Readers day were numbered, I thought for a while of moving away from RSS feeds and replacing it with Twitter. I found some Google Reader alternatives and I abandoned the idea of replacing RSS feeds. Now I wanted something that coverts Twitter accounts into RSS feeds.

Twitter used to support RSS feeds officially sometime ago. But it has since abandoned RSS and expects people to follow accounts on apps and the browser.


Twitter-RSS Features

  • is a website that allows users to create RSS feeds of any Twitter account.
  • Just enter the username of the account you want and click on “Get RSS”.
  • The RSS feeds is generated and its URL can be used on most Feed readers.

I found Twitter-RSS is useful for following a Twitter account for news with continuous updates. Also it is useful mainly for people who are extremely active on Twitter.

Try out Twitter-RSS and do drop in your comments.


Twitter Redesigns Search Results for Android / iPhone Apps

The present Twitter app is actually not my most preferred one and hence I end up using 3rd party apps. So Twitter’s blog announced a change in design, I was slightly hopeful it would be radically different from its present form. Too bad it was not but it has made changes to how it shows search results and also its discover tab.

But some changes are made and most importantly it is how they will be showing search results in a single stream.

Twitter Search Single Stream

New Changes to Twitter Apps

  • The big change is how apps will display search results. For example now all tweets, photos and accounts will be shown instream or rather in a single stream.
  • More importantly Twitter has included a search button for iPhone apps which allows searching from anywhere within the app. Android and iPad users will be familiar with this search feature as they already have it.
  • Single stream display for all tweets, activity and trends. This used to be shown in the Discover tabs with different sections.
  • There are new previews on at the top of the Discover tab.
  • You can adjust connect tab defaults to mentions “Mentions Only” or “Interactions”. The default is “Interactions”.
  • There is slight change is how links open. It used to require two click to get to a website from a tweet. Now it requires only a single click or tap.

I am not the most updated about various aspects of Twitter as I am not really a power user. But I think with showing profiles, photos and tweets in a single stream for search results and Discover tab, it is trying to further control the relevancy of media we consume on it.

This control obviously will finally translate to better contextual tweets or promoted tweets. And that will finally mean more revenues for Twitter.

Though, for me to use Twitter app, it still needs to radically change its design and layout. Maybe they could take a cue from the likes of Carbon for Twitter or other great apps.

If you have updated your phone app for Twitter, do let us know about the new changes in your comments.

Link: Twitter App on Google Play | App Store


Cross post your Instagram photos on Twitter using IFTTT

As Twitter has rolled out photo filters for its mobile apps, Instagram has switched off the Twitter cards support for its users. Twitter cards essentially are more like expanded tweets which show a preview of content, which you can view without leaving the site.


If you’re one of those who love/use this feature, then good news! Here’s a simple tip on how you can cross post your Instagram photos on to Twitter and letting your followers see them as Twitter images (which falls under

IFTTT (If this then that), which we have talked about earlier links services, so you can setup an action to happen if something gets triggered.


Setting up IFTTT for cross posting Instagram photos on Twitter

  1. Sign up for IFTTT, if you haven’t already.
  2. Go to channels tab, and activate both Twitter as well as Instagram channels. Activating generally means logging into those services or giving your username.
  3. After that’s done, go to this recipe page and hit ‘use recipe’ at the end of page.
  4. That’s all, the recipe is activated and now when ever you upload a photo on to Instagram with #twitter as tag, it automatically gets uploaded to Twitter and your followers can view it without leaving the site.

Along with the image, the caption you have put for the Instagram photo will also be tweeted. Note that there can be a delay in IFTTT uploading the image to Twitter, as it’s not real-time.

Try it out and tell us what you think.


Twitter Introduces Option to Download Your Tweets Archive

Twitter users have not really found it easy to look up their past tweets. Twitter’s search actually limits tweets to weeks rather than months and years. This is mainly done to keep Twitter’s search results as currently relevant as possible. It sort of makes sense considering, Twitter is more about current happenings rather than record of things shared from say a year ago. Today Twitter has introduced a new feature which will allow users to download all their Tweets like an archive.

How to download your Twitter archive?

Twitter Request Archive

  • Sign-in to your account on your browser and look up the settings page.
  • Right at the end of account settings there is a new option which is “Request your archive”.
  • An email with a link to download your archive is send to you when it is ready. Download it and skim through the archive to a timeline of your Tweets.

The archive will be rolled out slowly and gradually. So chances you will not see this option right away. If you have been able to download your Twitter archive, let me know your views in comments.

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Twitter Introduces Photo Filter Feature: Hits Back at Instagram

Twitter has introduced a new feature for iPhone and Android users. It’s latest update will allow users to post photos with built in filters. The new feature has initially 8 photo filters out of which anyone can be chosen. The photos also can be viewed in a grid system.

Essentially, Twitter is mimicking the features of Instagram. Instagram is owned by Facebook now and that makes this a lot more interesting.

Twitter introduces Instagram-like filters on Android and iPhone apps

Instagram Vs Twitter

Instagram has a similar service but in the past week it toyed with the idea of removing support for Twitter cards on its website. Finally they did end up removing Twitter cards completely. Twitter cards are used basically to allow users to check photos or snippets of a webpage, inside the Twitter stream and not requiring users to visit another page.


Instagram probably took this step to integrate itself more closely with Facebook. This could be mainly to ensure that Instagram also could bring in more advertising revenues. Instagram at the moment of all its fame, is still is not really monetized.

Check out Twitter’s the video intro of photo filters:

I can’t help but thinking that at the end both Twitter and Instagram are losing out and short-changing users. Instagram is actually at some stage giving up relevance on Twitter, while Twitter might end up not using the social juice from Instagram’s popularity. Users in the meanwhile will just have to make do with more restrictions and a less open system, while Twitter and Facebook keep marking out their territory.

What are your views on Twitter’s new photo filter feature? Do drop in your comments.

(via Twitter Blog)