[Windows Tip] Select Which Applications You Want to Run During Startup!

If you are running a lot of software on your Windows platform, it must be irritating to see some of these software running once the computer is started. Some of them are useful, like Anti-Virus or Firewall applications, but most other applications are useless. I thought that the only way to do it is to […]

Access your Favourite Applications, Files and Folders in One Place with ConFavor

Even though our computers have a lot of applications, files and folders, there are only a handful that we use everyday. I use Chrome, Skype, Live Writer everyday but hardly use Internet Explorer. Same goes for some notepad files which I use often. ConFavor allows accessing our favourite files, folders and even applications from a […]

[Windows 7] Get Help from Microsoft While Choosing New PC or Laptop

Most people have a tough time deciding on which computer suits their needs the best. First the decision is on if you want to buy a laptop or a desktop PC. If it is a laptop then should you go for a netbook or something else? If someone recommends a particular brand, you will get […]

7 Essential Applications after Fresh Windows Installation

After re-formatting our windows computer we get confused or many times forget to install some software applications which we need the most. Here I have complied a list of software which according to me are most widely used in our daily tasks. Although this list may change according to your use, I have listed the most widely used software.

Sync drafts on Windows Live Writer with LiveMesh

When I started my blogging journey, I discovered the real fun of using Windows Live Writer rather late. Since I have started using Live Writer, I have come to the conclusion that it is the best blogging tool ever. Quite a few followers on Devils Workshop do agree at least according to this discussion on our Facebook page. 🙂

Now came the tricky part. I blog from two different computers. One at home and the other at work. The best option for me was to use Live Mesh to sync up drafts on Windows Live Writer.