Take notes and store them online

Often when I work online, I need to store some text or write down notes. Sometimes I have a random idea and need to put down some words so I can look them up later and work on a concept.

What I do is write down notes on a Notepad and save the file on my desktop. As I work from different computers, I end up using Dropbox to make the file available on two different computers. This led me to try and look up for a notepad which can be used online and Simple Text does just that.


Simple Text

  • All I needed to do was visit Simple Text website.
  • Sign in with my Google account.
  • Start typing and creating new notes. This note could be saved and accessed using my Google id.
  • Simple Text being available online obviously makes it cross-platform. I find it a great help while writing points while writing a post and then storing them online.

Application Support

Simple Text does work with an Write Room for i-Phone application. Being open source, I think there should be more applications available across various platforms that support Simple Text. Some might say a notepad is not that important or even relevant. But I disagree here. Notepad applications are still relevant especially as a blogger I often feel the need to save or write down a few notes which I can refer to later.

If you are looking to save notes online, try using Simple Text and let me know your opinions through your comments. 🙂