Taming the RSS Beast – Getting Best of your favorite feeds!

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Read what matters! Yes this is what geeks at AideRSS says!

AideRSS continuously monitors RSS feeds, finds the good stuff using their propriety ranking algorithm PostRank , and delivers best out of it to you. In their words,

There are only 24 hours in a day and a near infinite number of blogs to follow. You don’t attempt to read the entire newswire every day, and we didn’t think you should be doing the same for every blog. We set out to create an aide, like the newspaper editor, to help you find and read what matters.

Here are some features…

  • Spend your time on stories and posts that matter. PostRank algorithm identifies the author’s best content, allowing you to save time and boost your productivity.
  • View blog history and find information gems with a click of a button. Forget browsing the archives and get to the good stuff, fast.
  • Keep track of your favorite authors and blogs effortlessly. Use PostRank to identify prolific authors and find their best content with ease.

Here are two ways to use this service to stay on top of the news!

A. My Feeds’ section of AideRSS (Migrating to AideRSS)

  1. Set up an account with AideRSS which is free!
  2. You can manually add feeds one by one and select various filtering levels on a per feed basis.
  3. OR you can import your existing feeds as an OPML list from your current feed reader like Google Reader to AideRSS.

B. Your favorite feed reader (Back to old RSS Reader)

  1. AideRSS gives filered feed URL for each feed which you can add to your feed reader like normal feeds.
  2. If you choose to open account, you can get a single feed – a All-in-One feed with filtered content as per your need.
  3. Finally you can export these customized AideRSS feeds as an OPML list to add it in your favorite feed reader.

You can also watch video tutorial for above methods!

[Bonus] For bloggers and other RSS feed publishers…

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listr August 10, 2007

i find this the best method to read feeds very quickly… thanks… 🙂

Praveen March 9, 2008

Wow, nice one! I have added it to my blog!

Rahul Bansal March 11, 2008

Thanks for that Praveen… 🙂