Use Time Warp on Chrome to keep yourself focused on work

Time Warp is a nifty Google Chrome extension that will help you to stay focus and be on track while you are on the Internet. A must have Chrome extension.

Time Warp is a productive Google Chrome extension that will help you stay focused. You might have lots of work to do, but you always tend to check your social media accounts’ updates.

Time Warp will help you calculate the amount of time you have wasted, display a quote message or redirect to a productive website. Time Warp is available for free on the Chrome Web Store.

Once installed, you can create “Wormholes”. Wormholes are basically commands that you want to executed whenever you visit a website that you should not.

Once you install Time Warp, you can go to the extension’s Options to create Wormholes. Then you’ll have to click the Time Warp icon at the top right of the Google Chrome browser to enable Time Warp. Once enabled, the icon will turn blue. To disable, click the icon again.


There are three types of Wormholes that you can create :

  1. Redirection : You can create a Wormhole that redirects you to a particular website when you visit a website that wastes your time.
  2. Quotes : You can choose to display a quote whenever you visit a time-wasting website.
  3. Timer : Time calculates the amount of time that you have wasted on a particular website. The Timer will not be reset until you uninstall the extension or delete the Wormhole.

You can also choose where to display your Timer. You can display it at the bottom right, bottom left, top right, top left or at the top of your Google Chrome browser.

Link: Time Warp on Chrome


Andrew Gitt September 11, 2013

Time to say goodbye to ctrl+tabbing and be productive! Does this work on games and other applications also?

Arun Sathiya September 14, 2013

No, Andrew. It doesn’t work on the apps. It works only for web domains.