Timely: A feature packed beautiful Alarm Clock for Android

Timely is a impressive, simple alarm clock app for Android phones and tablets. Its interface is full of small surprises.

Finding well designed apps on Play Store is not so easy (I’m sure I’ve said this before), and it holds true even in the post-ICS era.

The default Clock app on Android 4.2 is pretty good, but I never thought it can be so much better until I tried Timely.


What makes Timely so special is the design and the amount of detail in it. There’s a lot of functionality and customisation you can achieve, yet the app looks so simple and intuitive to use.

The app primarily lets you set alarms, timer, stop watch and show time. It has a gorgeous animated background (which would be great as a live wallpaper) which gives it an under water-like feel. The colours and gradients used look wonderful and every single thing of those is customisable. There’s a colour picker for just that. There are a lot of default themes to pick from.

Putting the design aside, it has some unique features to it too. To start with, it has Smart Rise which rings the alarm 30 minutes before regular time and slowly fades until you dismiss it.

It integrates with Google Now. To use it, tell Google to “wake me up at 5 AM” and you get a menu to choose Timely for setting up the alarm.

It’s available for tablets too and stays in sync with multiple devices.

You really have to see it in action to understand its real beauty. Here’s a demo video:

I tried the app on my Galaxy Nexus and the experience is smooth. That’s a pretty big feat considering all the animations, transitions and what not.

Timely is ad-free by default, but they start to appear after 5 days. You can buy the pro version, which costs 3$, after the 5 days to get rid of ads and unlock all features.

Give Timely a try. Even if you don’t want to use another alarm clock app, give it a chance. You’ll be impressed.

Link: Timely Alarm Clock


Arun Sathiya August 19, 2013

Seems amazing! Haven’t tried that yet, but the connection with Google Now seems a brilliant feature! How much is the pro version?

Vibin August 20, 2013

The pro version is available as an in-app purchase, shows up as 199 ₹ to me.

Arun Sathiya August 20, 2013

OK, thank you, Vibin. It’d have been good if you mentioned that in the post.

Vibin August 20, 2013