Unfriend someone directly from your newsfeed on Facebook [How-to]

If you have so many friends on Facebook, then you must be annoyed like me due to useless and irrelevant updates in your News Feed or Homepage. Obviously you can unsubscribe from anyone like we told you earlier, but the thing is that what’s the use of keeping someone in your friend’s list if you don’t want to read their updates and what they are upto.

I don’t know why, but the world’s most popular social networking website Facebook loves people to unfriend each other. That’s why there are so many ways to unfriend a friend. Facebook also blocked people from adding strangers for user privacy.

How to Unfriend someone directly from your newsfeed on Facebook?

  1. To unfriend, click on the arrow given on the right side with each update and then click “Unsubscribe from”. After that you will see a direct link of unfriend. Click on that link to delete your friend. Check out the screenshot below.

  1. Another way is to roll over your mouse on your friend’s profile name or picture on your homepage and keep it there for a couple of seconds, then you will see profile badge of that profile, roll over the mouse again to the place where “Friends” is written and then click “Unfriend”.

That’s all what you need to do to unfriend strangers from your profile. Stay connected for more tips and tricks.