Top 10 Labels in Blogger Beta Layout!

This is my first post (and first workaround) for my blogger friends!
Wel this is for only blogger beta users! This is actually a modified version of Neo’s original work!

This does not require any coding knowledge, so all bloggers are free to experiment with this!

So coming to the point, if u scroll-down this page, then u can see Top 10 labels as wel as a drop-down box for labels. (also shown in this screenshot on RHS =>>)

The reason behind showing only Top 10 is there are many tags with just 1 or 2 posts. So instead show only Top 10 tags and then let the visitor choose rest of the tags from drop down menu!

U can change this 10 to any no. u like!

#How To Add this?

Part 1: Edit HTML…

  1. Click here to open a plain-text code file. (Name: “top 10 labels in blogger beta.txt”)
  2. Now log-into ur blogger beta account.
  3. From ur Dashboard go to the layout of ur blog.
  4. Then click on “EDIT-HTML” tab. Also expand the code by checking checkbox above the codebox.
  5. Now find following code in section.
  6. Now copy entire text from “top 10 labels in blogger beta.txt” file to bloggers HTML just below the above code.
  7. Now check out preview. U should see Top 10 Labels in Top-side of ur sidebar. Wait…! You can see just 10 Labels! Well thats fine upto this point! So trust me and save ur HTML template code.
  8. Now click on page-element tabs.

Part 2: Page Elements…

  1. Now on page-elements tab, u shud see a widget named “Top Label” in sidebar. It will also have a edit link.
  2. Click on edit-link.
  3. Just make one editing. By default, labels are shown alphabetically, select ‘by frequency” instead. And then press save changes! (as shown in screenshot)
  4. Its done now. U can move this widget to anywhere like any other widget! ๐Ÿ™‚

# FAQ:
How to change Top-10 to Top-20 or something??
It needs one change in HTML code. Find

if ( myCnt < 10 )

and change 10 to anything u like. e.g. 20 for Top-20 labels, etc!


Rahul Bansal May 8, 2007

Sorry for trouble dude and thanks for bringing it to my notice!
The link has been corrected now! ๐Ÿ™‚

Siddharth May 8, 2007

dude, from where do i get the .txt file…

Sideth November 7, 2008

Thanks man, it is the great news for hearing you provide this information to me. THnk

shri December 20, 2008

This is my site

I used your method to get the labels but it is not showing anything. Only if i set it to the default blogger style the labels are showing. can you check and help me.

The labels were showing earlier but now they have disappeared for 2 days.

Rahul Bansal December 23, 2008

I left blogger more than a year ago. So I am not able to check this.
You can google for help but… ๐Ÿ™‚

Shubham ~NeO~ January 7, 2010

The file link redirects to 403 error. Check it !