Top 5 Websites to get Online Guitar Lessons

A good tutor is essential if you want to master the art of playing the guitar. Although guitar tutors take a lot of money and dont really teach at the speed at which a person wants to learn.

Best thing to do is learning on our own using the biggest tool at our disposal – The Internet.

If you are a beginner and want to learn, you should buy a cheap yet a good quality guitar. Go into a local shop that sells all kinds of Indian instruments. It would not cost more than Rs. 2,000 to get a basic non-branded acoustic guitar (Try bargaining).

Brands such as Grason, Givson, Hobmer, Java are all Indian made brands, which are cheap and perfect for beginners. While selecting a guitar, check the neck of the guitar. The neck should be perfectly straight, without any curvature.

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Following are some websites for Guitar enthusiasts who are willing to learn the guitar and want to learn as quickly as possible.

Indian Guitar Tabs

A comprehensive forum for all your Hindi song needs. It also provides tabs for songs in Marathi, Bengali, Pakistani and English. There are forums for help regarding what musical instruments to buy, guitar maintenance tips etc.

Hindi Song Notes

There is a massive database of songs on this websites which can be used by both the guitar and synthesizer players alike. You can also upload tabs that you wrote yourselves on the website.

Indian Guitar Cafe

A forum similar to  Indian guitar tabs, it also provides help to keyboard players, as well as aspiring singers in need of lyrics of Hindi and English songs.

Indian Guitar Chords

This blog by a guitar enthusiast gives tabs of Hindi and Bengali songs. It also provides the user with an online tuner to tune his guitar to the right scale. There is also a dedicated section for learning music theory.

YouTube Channel of Pawan Jalan

Pawan Jalan’s YouTube channel takes the cake with easy-to-understand videos and proper explanations so that the person watching them can play along, and also understand the positions of the chords and notes being played. His regular updates have been subscribed bymore than 5,000 people on YouTube and has gathered quite a fan following.

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