Top 7 Ways to Sell More Ads on Your Blog

Many bloggers have a lot of traffic and get advertising requests; however, they fail to leverage their opportunities. This post will analyze how you can sell more ads on your blog. Here are top 7 ways one can follow to get more advertisers to their blogs

Many bloggers have a lot of traffic and get advertising requests; however, they fail to leverage their opportunities. This post will analyze how you can sell more ads on your blog. Here are top 7 ways one can follow to get more advertisers to their blogs:

Sold out advertisement
Advertisement Sold out

1. Use ‘Your Ads Here’ banners and links

This is the most basic step towards selling ads on your blog website. Most people put it up and pull it off after a few days when they get discouraged with no sale. Keep at it. Patience is required in everything. It is important that you show the ‘Advertise Here’ or ‘Your Ads here’ banners on your blog because the advertiser wants to know exactly where their ad will go. And you should create an ‘Advertise Here’ page on your blog where you show all advertising options on your blog with other details about your blog.

2. Start with a Competitive Price

In the beginning always quote the lowest price which you can accept. Then eventually you can go higher. Each advertiser will review the performance of their ads on your blog for the first few months. So you can initially lure them with a low price or even better offer a special price for the first month. If you keep a high price in the beginning itself, then very few advertisers will try out your ad spots.

3. Twitter Tweets

Twitter is an awesome tool when you have to let people know that you are ready for advertisers on your blog, provided you have a lot of followers – you are sure to get a few enquiries, I always have. Send out a tweet like – “Blog XYZ is now looking for Sponsors! Reply if interested.”

4. Keep Your Ads in a Very Prominent Position

If you were an advertiser then where would you like to keep your ads, obviously at the top! So you should always give your advertisers ad spots that they would really like. Don’t place ad boxes in dark corners of your blog where no one can see them and prospective advertisers would be put off.

5. Do a Post Informing You are Advertising

This point is skipped or forgotten by many bloggers, while many do not know the real benefit of posting an article about the advertising plan which you offer. Most of your readers will also be having websites in your niche, so it is important that you inform that you are offering ad spots. Don’t be shy about letting everyone know about your ad boxes.

6. Don’t Put too many ad boxes

Don’t end up putting too many banner ads on your blog website. Show only fewer banner ads, adding too many ads will damage your image among your blog readers and will also have bad impact on your blog design. Having too many ads will make your blog look like a collection of ads only where your real work will not be much highlighted.

7. Review Your Sponsors Monthly

You can review your advertisers on a monthly basis, so that they get the lime light and get the total readers focus. Also, it will help you in showing the value added benefits you provide on advertising on your blog. You can send additional traffic to your advertiser’s website through such promotional posts on your blog.

Any more ways that you know of getting more blogs on a blog, share in the comments section below.


Mad Geek @beingPC March 24, 2010

Hey please tell more what to include in the post informing visitors about ADs plan

In short please explain your point 5 a little more

Anil Gupta March 24, 2010

Its about the kind of advertising options you are currently offering on your blog. You can include details like different ad formats your support eg 125X125, 300X250, 468X60, 720X90 and if you are offering textual links as well, can add to it. With these, don’t forget to include other details like monthly page views, RSS Subscriber count, Alexa rankings etc so that people actually get some motivation to buy ads on your blog

Rahul March 24, 2010

Also you can add affiliate, hops and amazon to your sites. Because they have large number of products.

Bert Padilla March 24, 2010

Soon I will be opening my blog for sponsors. I mean using boxes or banner… I am just into link insertion as of now, and some adsense and infolinks…

Jean-Baptiste Jung March 24, 2010

Cool post! Another technique I use is to tweet my followers about the new sponsor (“Welcome to XXX, our newest sponsor!)
This is a nice thing for the advertiser and in the same time, a way to convince potential advertisers.

Aditya Kane March 25, 2010

That is a really cool tip Jean-Baptiste; Thanks.

Sid March 24, 2010

Nice info .. New bloggers should stick to Google Adsense and when they become popular then may think abt selling ad space. is the best and safest place for ad space selling 🙂 .. you shld definately add this too ..

George Serradinho March 25, 2010

I’m going to set up a post about the new ad spots available. They are currently at the top of my blog and at the bottom (very prominent sposts).

Blogging + Tech Blog March 25, 2010

Hope this will help me a lot. I am planning to slash my ad prices.

fareed March 25, 2010

very very useful tips

NPXP March 26, 2010

Twitter seems to a wonderful tool in order to get some good sponsors for your blogs 😉

Sourish | Wordpress Install Guide April 1, 2010

Nice article. I tried Buysell ads , but even with the lowest bid , nobody seemed interested 🙁

Satyendra Chauhan July 17, 2010

Nice general tips for attracting the ads on the Website, I also wasnt sell ad space on my website and will try these tips.