YouTube takes down the real time video sharing toolbar

YouTube_logo YouTube has finally decided to put down the limited edition toolbar that was being used for sharing videos with our friends in real time and checking what our friends are watching now. This feature was rolled out to only few YouTube users and it was treated as a fail feature.

Users who tried this toolbar say that this feature did not make any difference to their YouTube usage. So after the failure of this feature, YouTube has removed it. According to the Google employees

The Realtime Toolbar was recently retired and is no longer an available feature on YouTube.
We were excited to release and experiment with Real-time and it has inspired us for new features on YouTube in the future. We look forward to introducing many new features in the coming months.

youtube-real-time-sharingRemoval of this feature doesn’t surprise anyone, most of YouTube users are still not aware that any real time sharing toolbar was present on YouTube. Removal of this toolbar makes a sense that YouTube has something better in the store. You Tube recently changed its homepage design too and also announced in official forum that they are developing many new great features like the closed captions feature which was covered a while ago by us. Hope to see them soon and we expect that they will make a big difference.

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