Blogger Implements Read More/Post Summaries (at last!)

bloggerlogo.jpgPost Summaries or the ‘Read More’ hack as it is most commonly known, has at last found its way into Google’s Blogger. One of the most requested features, the post summaries has has been implemented in Blogger Draft  on the eve of 10th anniversary celebrations of Blogger.

What’s post summaries?
If you have just begun blogging, post summaries may be a new thing to you. Its where you show only a small part of the post on the main/archive/category page, and provide a ‘Read More’ link at the botttom. When the user clicks on this link, he can read the full post!

What are the advantages of using it?


Well, when a person need to view two pages to read  a single post, it increases your page-views drastically! This feature also decreases load time of your home page. Also many blogger’s don’t prefer to overwhelm the blog’s visitors with ads on the homepage, but would like to show ads when the visitor goes to the post page. This feature allows implementation of such a system.

Until now there wasn’t any easy way to implement post summaries in Blogger. Many hacks were introduced by blogger’s all over the world, which relied either on CSS or javascript. However all of the hacks needed modification of the blog template, an idea many people weren’t much pleased about.

The 'Insert Jump Break' Button

The ‘Insert Jump Break’ Button

This feature is currently available only in Blogger Draft ( The blogger team has given a short tutorial on how to use this new feature, which you may refer from here.

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