Know Your Orkut Membership Number !

If u ever wondered about ur uid i.e. user ID on orkut then don’t check out uid part of ur orkut profile link!

e.g.: in following link…

uid=8047825869783710708 does not indicate my membership no. or registration no. on orkut!

Then how to know ur real Orkut Membership Number??? Wel Gaurav gotta answer already!


1. Right click on your profile’s photo or any other photo from album/scrapbook, etc.

2. Select for ‘save image as’ option.

3. The default name number for your photo is ur actual Orkut Membership Number!.

4. That’s the orkut membership no.

#Proof 1:
All images by a single user have same name number!

#Proof 2:
U can verify this with first 5 member of orkut!

  1. Orkut Buyukkokten
  2. Joe Sriver
  3. Evan Williams
  4. Bay-Wei Chang
  5. Frank Jernigan

#Proof 3:
Wait this works for community too! When u wil try to save following community Image, u’ll get no. 19587001.

Really kool trick! Thanks Gaurav! 🙂


hari October 10, 2007

whts de use ??

Rahul Bansal October 10, 2007

Well that depends on how smart you are!
It cud be just some fun for non-technical people or open-up pull of ideas for hackers! 🙂