Twitter Gadget for Gmail users

gmail-twitter gadget I can remember well, few days ago, I posted about a Gmail gadget using which one can easily shorten long URLs. Today I would like to let you know about another useful Gmail gadget which twitter fans will really love to give a try. As shown in the image, using this ‘Twitter for Gmail’ gadget, you can easily tweet from your Gmail inbox without having the hassle to log into Twitter each and every time. The best part is that, unlike some other Twitter applications and gadgets, apart from having the ability to send messages (tweets) a user can also view the tweets by his friends and followers from within Gmail inbox itself. 🙂

To use this gadget, first you need to activate ‘Add any gadget by URL’ feature which will be available under Settings-> Labs tabs in your Gmail inbox. After you enable labs feature, open Settings-> Gadgets and add the following URL into the form given. 

As usual, after you add the above URL into the form and save it, you can see a new window on the left panel of your Gmail inbox named ‘Twitter Gadget’, asking your twitter id and password. Once you punch in your Twitter login details, you can view the latest tweets from your friends and also a form to send tweets. I think this is really a useful tool for persons like me, who access internet from many PC everyday. 😉 Wish you a Happy Tweeting!

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jasir javaz February 13, 2010

Use intensedebate plugin for getting more page viewers. I am using that. Welcome to dofollow family