Twitter Improved Email Notifications

Just noticed, renewed email notifications from Twitter. Twitter like many other social service sends you notifications via email for activities on your account. I personally use email notifications to stay updated when somebody starts following me.

Below is recent email notification from Twitter…

Twitter New Email Notification-1.png

And below is snapshot of old email notification from Twitter…

pooja is now following you on Twitter! - - Gmail.png

You can clearly notice the difference between the above two.

New email notification show’s display pic of Twitter user which makes it easier to identify who started following you without visiting their profile. It also list stats about her account like number of twitter users following her, number of updates she had posted over time and number of twitter user she is following.

Looks like Twitter is trying hard to improve entire service. Orkut did similar thing when they launched major improvements to their network last year.


venkat May 12, 2009

There is advantage wiht this we can know the number of updates the twitter user got and hence we can decide to follow him or not wihtout even opening his twitter profile.

nitin December 31, 2009

nice information i have choosen right place. thanks for sharing