Twitter to introduce URL shortener on it’s website!

Twitter last month bought TweetDeck as a defensive move. It has introduced a new notification system where @mentions and retweets are notified to users via email.

This is a clear sign of Twitter ramping up and bringing out features which will encourage people to use Twitter apps and it’s website a lot more than 3rd party services.

Today, Twitter has introduced a URL shortening service on its website. This means, when you tweet a long URL from, it automatically shortens the URL.’s Link Shortening Features

Once you type in a link into the Tweet box of the website, a message will appear telling users that the URL is being shortened.


Now once the URL is shortened, it will show the short-URL link pointing to the domain it is directing towards. 😉


This new feature on Twitter, will be rolled out over the next few days. At the moment my account has not been enabled with this feature, but it should be soon available to everyone.

This is a very good idea by Twitter, because a lot of new users to Twitter will be able to share links more easily than before from the website itself. Also as is used for the URL to be shortened, it ends up giving a warning to users in case the link has security issues.

Now, once they add analytics to these short URL, Twitter could possible wipe out the 3rd party developer environment around it completely. Something that might upset a few Twitter users but some might want it that way. What are your thoughts?

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Source: Twitter Help Center