Update Your Chrome to Enable Instant Pages and Print Preview

If you are using Chrome, you might want to check if your browser has updated recently. The new updated version showcases Instant Pages and Print Preview.

These features were not available with the stable version of Chrome but might be familiar to Chrome users who used their beta versions.

Both features will be enabled on the new Chrome version by default.

Instant Pages Features

Chrome uses the browsing history and search history (if you are logged into your Google account) to calculate which links you are most likely to click on.

Chrome will pre-render results when it calculates that a particular link is mostly liked to be clicked by a user.

This will be enabled automatically on your Chrome browser after it updates. To disable it, look up the Options under the wrench icon and under ‘Basics’ check ‘Search’ section which allows you to uncheck ‘Enable Instant for faster searching and browsing’.

A video below to showcase the difference Instant Pages make.

Print Preview on Chrome

Chrome also has Print Preview feature enabled in stable version. This will allow you to look up how print out would look. Good news is we can Print to PDF. Just right-click on a webpage or PDF and click on Print.

Print preview option should open up as shown in image below.


This is available only on Windows and Linux while Mac users will see Print Preview enabled in the next update in all probability.

Do check out the new feature if you are a Chrome addict like me and drop in your comments.

Link: Download Chrome Stable Version