Enable Non-Dropbox Users Upload Files Into Your Dropbox Account

One of the main reasons why Dropbox is the best file syncing service is that there many 3rd party apps which enhance it, Dropbox has released its API long ago. A few file syncing services like Wuala haven’t released their API and this is a serious drawback.

DROPitTOme is a web app with which your friends can start uploading files to your Dropbox without even having a Dropbox ID, this is quite handy as no one will prefer to sign up for a site just to send some files to his friend.

DROPitTOme's personalized upload page

Features Of DROPitTOme

  • Receive files from non-Dropbox users and get notified (through E-mail) when a new file is uploaded into your account.
  • You get a personalized URL which you can share with your friends, your friends need to upload files there.
  • After you have authenticated the app, a new folder is created in your Dropbox account and all the files uploaded by your friends will be in it.
  • You can also set an upload password which your friends need to know to upload files. This feature is set to block spammers.

The service has one drawback is that the file size limit for uploading is 75MB but it is a  break from the traditional E-mail way to get files, a must have Dropbox fans.  Try this app and drop your opinions.

Link: DROPitTOme

One Comment

Jagan Mangat August 4, 2011

Its cool and nice,simple and password protected uploading.