Upload any file upto 250 MB to Google Docs

I think most people who use the internet love to store files on the internet for various reasons. It can be either for backing up important files and documents or even having the option of downloading files to different computers and hence make working on one with with different computers very efficient.

Very soon you will be able to upload and store any file on Google Docs. This will not be just restricted to the three formats available now but will work soon with every type of file.


Google in its blog has announced that everyone with Google Docs access including the ones using Google Apps will have upto 1GB space to store files. It will restrict the size of the file to 250 MB. I guess the 250 MB file size limit is meant to dissuade people from using it to exchange pirate software and movies.

Concerns with Google Docs storage space

  • The maximum space allowed concerning storage space with Google Docs will be 1 GB. This 1 GB space does not include the files you have converted into Google documents, spreadsheets or presentation.
  • If you need more than 1 GB space you can purchase extra storage at $ 0.25 per 1 GB for the whole year. This is quite a small amount and I guess is being done with an eye towards Chrome OS.
  • The details are still sketchy in the sense if someone using Google Apps will be able to limit the free space available or the type of file being uploaded to Google Docs can be restricted.
  • If you have already purchased extra storage space with Picassa storage it will be available with Google Docs. 😉

I do not think people will start chucking the use of Dropbox very soon but I think it will certainly start picking up once this feature is enabled with your Google Docs account.


Anshul January 18, 2010

I have been using Dropbox for quite some time now, and Google will have to do better to attract me towards them ! When Dropbox offers 2Gb of free space, which can be increased upto 5Gb by referring to friends, why will some one go with Google ?

Deepak Jain January 19, 2010

@ Anshul
Yes, Dropbox is undoubtedly one the best file collaboration and backup tool. But may be Google is planning something big about it. 😉