Use twitter from any chat messenger

I have always found services which help me use Twitter through messenger quite fascinating. As a blogger I have tried many Twitter based desktop applications. But the one I most use to check tweets after a few hours is through MSN. You might have read up on how to use MSN messenger for looking up tweets before on DW.

Tweet Switch is a useful tool which not only allows me to monitor my Twitter account with MSN, but also supports Gtalk, Yahoo Messenger, AIM and ICQ.

Okay why I liked Tweet Switch is because it gives me the option of receiving Tweets on various Messengers with options on switching the selected messengers based on which one I am signed into.


For example I log in with Gtalk, but I log out then the tweets are then sent to another messenger I have specified for example Live Messenger. If I am not signed into Live Messenger, I can have a 3rd Messenger configured to retrieve and send tweets.

How does it do it?

  • Major plus point of Tweet Switch is that I did not need to sign up or register. Only needed to enter my Twitter account details. After that I just needed to enter my chat id for various messengers.
  • A  bot called ‘tweetswitch‘ will be added to your friends list. Just start using the commands for retrieving and sending your tweets through the chat window.

Let me know if you find the idea of looking up and sending Tweets through your chat messenger useful or do you think it does not make much of difference and you would still stick to your handy desktop twitter based application?

Link: Tweet Switch


Anshul January 5, 2010

I was looking for something like this.. thanks for sharing.. I think this will be more useful than other desktop twitter applications, since it supports gtalk and yahoo, which I mostly use.. Also since most of the times we are online on one or the other messangers, its good to have an application that can directly send tweets from there… but there is one minus point also..this will make us more lazy now 🙂

Nikhil Pai January 6, 2010

Interesting find. However I find using the Digsby option better. A decent twitter client within an IM app. What say?

Seb January 6, 2010

Thank you for this great article.
Nikhil, I agree that Digsby is a nice IM app, and if that’s what you use and you like it, then keep using it.
However, the whole point about TweetSwitch is that you do not have to install yet another app. You can tweet from whatever you are currently using, nothing new to install.
So if you like MSN, you get it on MSN. If you have an Android phone, you get it on gTalk. In fact, tweetswitch on gTalk is probably the best Twitter client currently available for Android.

Aditya Kane January 8, 2010

@Seb: I agree that Digsby is a far more comprehensive application. This is just an alternative. You might enjoy reading up our review on DW for Digsby.