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WakoopaWakoopa provides a very useful service of tracking applications and discovering new software. By using this service, we can find out how productive we are. And it lets us know what software we are using and for how long, at the same time also suggesting suitable applications to manage our time and work.

Day before yesterday, Wakoopa released a consolidated report for the first quarter of 2009 -totaling 525 million hours of software usage data, across over 200000 applications from 75,000 members.

Some of the key findings publicized includes:

  • Facebook acts as an exception in Social networking sites. Facebook usage is steady throughout the day but on others, the usage tends to peak between 9 and 10 PM. Other web apps tend to peak between 4 and 5 PM.
  • Twitter usage is on a bull trend and most of them use Twitter desktop client.
  • Google Friend Connect showed large declines in usage in the first quarter.
  • Google Chrome is capturing its market share very quickly, and it created a significant impact in browser market with 15% share.
  • Firefox is unbeatable and it stood first among Wakoopa users. It also reveals people are using 7 times longer in Firefox than Internet explorer.
  • Windows Live messenger is dominant across world between any age group.
  • The e-mail peek checking time for weekdays and weekends is during 11am and 9pm respectively.

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