Create vertical and horizontal menus without coding knowledge

Here is a website which allows you to create vertical and horizontal menus without the need of any knowledge of a coding. This tool should be really useful for someone who is tweaking around on his theme for a blog but is hampered by lack of knowledge of coding.

Recently we have been writing a lot of posts which will help developers including information on How to include Paypal “Buy Now” button on a website or on how to have Retweet, F Share & Google Buzz buttons on your Blog without plugins. But these do need a working knowledge of HTML language. This is where websites like is very useful.

About Menubuilder

  • It has a display which shows exactly how the Menu will show up.
  • I could tweak the background of default and mouse-over for a particular button. I could also select a Menu style.
  • After I choose a horizontal or vertical menu I could then generate and Preview it. On the other hand I could download the generated menu as a zip file.

If you liked this you might be interested in reading up on how to create your HTML or CSS knowledge.

Try it out and do let me know what do you think about it?