Enable the New Design for YouTube on Your Browser

Editor’s Note: YouTube has now made the new design available to all users so this hack is not needed anymore.

Lately Google has gone on a re-design frenzy from Google search, Gmail, Google Reader and more. This redesign push from Google has started after it introduced its social offering Google+.

So a new design for YouTube was not exactly surprising. At the moment Google has not officially made the new design available for all users but there is a workaround shared by Moritz Tolxdorff.

If you are using Chrome or Firefox, you can simply paste a code into your browser’s developer’s console which creates a cookie for YouTube making the new design available. 🙂

New Design of YouTube on Chrome and Firefox

  • Visit the YouTube website on your Chrome or Firefox browser.
  • Now open the Developer Tools Console by clicking on “Ctrl + Shift + J” keys for Chrome. In case you are using Firefox use the “Ctrl + Shift + K” keys
  • Now copy and paste the code from below and enter it into the console.
  • This will create a cookie which will allow your browser to look up YouTube in a new design.
Try out the new design, it is quite interesting. If you want the old layout back, just clear cookies from your browser. 😉
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