Which new features U want on Orkut!

On one of the Orkut help page, Orkut is listed some features alongwith a comment box to suggest new feature of ur own choice!

The page saying – “Please tell us which new features you’d like to see on orkut.com. If your favorite idea isn’t listed, just enter it in the box below. While we don’t reply to individual suggestions, we do review them all and will keep them in mind for future development.” is here.

Vote for ur favorite now!

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anoop April 1, 2007

finding the profiles of anonymous posts

zohair April 5, 2007

how to add more than 12 pictures in orkut album

Rahul Bansal April 8, 2007

I guess instead of providing a feature to find anonymous posts, it will be easier to remove that feature at all!

Well thats limitation by orkut! So you use any photo uploading tools like picasa (See Google Pack)
After uploading them outside orkut, you can provide link to ur album inur orkut profile.

Sreejoy November 26, 2008


testimonial re arranging…!!

it would be nice if dragging and arranging of testimonials so we can show our favourite one’s in our home page..[like re ordering of photos inside albums]

Sreejoy November 26, 2008


i think orkut should include a field to leave the date of joining for the users..

and make this option visible to others aswell, or make option to visible or hide to other users…!!


Rahul Bansal November 28, 2008

Nice suggestions buddy…. 🙂
Hope orkut will listen to u!

Deepak Jain November 30, 2008

Why don’t you ask Orkut guys to implement this feature? 😉